Kogod Courtyard- National Portrait Gallery, American Art Museum


Century of Genius

An Unforgettable

To celebrate the centennial of Einstein's Relativity theory and to launch the publication of Genius: 100 Visions of the Future, a star-studded event took place that brought together our Genius contributors along with young Einsteins and dignitaries from around the world. The Dinner represented one of the greatest gatherings of Nobel laureates, intellectuals, artists and scientists of our time, and inspired a new generation of creative thinkers. View Gallery

Scroll down to see our distinguished Dinner Co-Chairs:


  • Soichi NoguchiAstronaut President, Association of Space Explorers

  • George LogothetisChairman and CEO, the Libra Group and named in "40 UNDER 40" by Fortune magazine in 2014.

  • Calin RovinescuPresident and CEO, Air Canada

  • Ambassador Haile Menkerios Under Secretary General of the UN, Special envoy of the Secretary General of the UN to the Organization of Africa Union

Co-Chairs of Celebrating a Century of Genius committee

  • Monette Malewski President, M Bacal Group

  • Matt Price-GallagherPresident and CEO, Water Cluster Scientific

  • Tori AveyFood History and Lifestyle Blogger